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Do you have any advise on :

Handling mistakes
What to do when life seems out of control
When to reward yourself

Do you have any comments on personality types who do best at telecommuting?

Do you have any recommendations on how to prioritize work and life? Tricks, thoughts, helpful decision ideas to make it easier?

Can you have a career and be a successful parent?

How do you feel working in the field you have affects your relationships with your immediate family? (Your children, spouse, parents, etc.)

Your list of topics for mentoring sessions is excellent! I especially appreciate the inclusion of family goals in the discussion. One additional topic that you might consider adding is "giving back." As ambitious achievers move upward, they should be reminded to bring others with them... as you have done!

Jon -- I enjoy reading what you have to say about working parents and people in the "sandwich" generation ... taking care of kids and elders, but one thing is missing:
the category of "singletons" in the workforce (those of us without kids and partners). The perception is we're out having our fabulous social lives, dancing until midnight, and spending our paychecks willy nilly without a care in the world. This is sadly not the case -- we also juggle work/life/volunteer activities/friends/fitness/civic engagement/etc. I know it's not as stressful as juggling work, kids, elders, but that is the rub .. often managers tend to take us single folks for granted. What do you think?

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